Schedule of Services

Sunday Morning
9:45 a.m. Sunday School
11:00 a.m. Worship

Link to Sunday's bulletin: September 14, 2014

Wednesday Evenings

5:30 - Supper
6:00 - AWANA
6:00 - Prayer and Bible Study

Other Events
Women's Bible Study
Men's Prayer Breakfast
Marriage Seminar
Vacation Bible School

Our Location

Cornerstone Baptist Church is 15 years old and is located in the Cherry Log section of Gilmer County.  We are at 1044 Cherry Log Street just one half mile off of 515.  We have a beautiful Sanctuary and Educational Building built of log construction.  As such, we are "The Log Church in Cherry Log."

Our Vision

We are a small church with big visions.  Our desire is to be an authentic Church that is true to our Lord and His word.  Our ministries to each other are vital for Christian growth.  Our mission in the Community is to serve the spiritual and pratical needs of the people.

Our Prayer for this Week


“Show me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths.  Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the god of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.”  Psalm 25:4-5.

God, our Father, we do want to know your ways.  Our minds have difficulty discerning how you are at work in the world.  We do not understand how you allow such great suffering among earth’s people.  Your patience with the way things are is beyond our understanding.  Yet we know and can see your hand at work in our lives and in world events.

During these times of uncertainty we want you to teach us how to walk in your paths.  There are so many crooked places that need to be made straight.  At times we feel like children just learn to walk for we often stumble and fall.

Teach us how to distinguish truth from error for it is only in knowing the truth that we are set free.  We wait before the throne of grace to explore the deeper dimensions of our salvation in Christ.  Amen.  




Welcome New Members  on Sunday, September 14th

Gene & Cindy Sneed    by Letter from Fairview Baptist Church,                                                
Stockbridge, Georgia

Gabrielle Braswell     by Letter from Charity Baptist Church
Pace, Florida


Our testing of a New Sunday School concept is in its sixth week and we had a large group of all ages last Sunday.  The course is designed to equip older children, youth and adults in being able to know what we believe and why we believe it.  Parents are saying that their older children are getting much benefit from the class and that younger children should have their own class.  The class is taught on an adult level and the facilitator stops the video frequently and brings it down to a child’s level.  If you are not already in Sunday School and want to study our Christian faith in depth, You are invited to attend the class which meets upstairs at 9:45 each Sunday.  The lesson last Sunday dealt with how to distinguish truth from error.


On our website you will see the Newsletter for the week, the sermon both in print and in audio from the previous Sunday, a study of Church History, the basic beliefs of our church, and other information about Cornerstone.


That 80% of the unchurched people surveyed said that they would attend church if someone they knew would invite them.

That only 37% of Americans read the Bible in a typical month.

That 80% of those interviewed say that they believe the bible to be sacred, but less than half admit  to reading it more than a couple of times a year.

That three out of five wish they read the bible more.  One in five admit to reading the Bible four or more times a week.

That the obstacles to using the Bible are: Comprehension – difficulty in understanding the Bible’s language and context; Context – Failure to know biblical history and background; Revelance – Inability to connect content to everyday life.

Joel Ceballo, researcher and Bible engagement consultant says, “In a society where relationships exist primarily on Facebook…the Word of God is too often viewed as irrelevant and its wisdom outmoded.”



Meet Dr. Paul Mims

Our Membership

We have about 220 members made up of people who grew up here, or moved to this Cabin Community from Atlanta, Florida, and other places.  We have a good mixture of ages so that we can minister to the whole family.