Schedule of Services

Sunday Morning
9:45 a.m. Sunday School
11:00 a.m. Worship

Link to Sunday's bulletin: July 13, 2014

Wednesday Evenings

5:30 - Supper
6:00 - AWANA
6:00 - Prayer and Bible Study

Other Events
Women's Bible Study
Men's Prayer Breakfast
Marriage Seminar
Vacation Bible School

Our Location

Cornerstone Baptist Church is 15 years old and is located in the Cherry Log section of Gilmer County.  We are at 1044 Cherry Log Street just one half mile off of 515.  We have a beautiful Sanctuary and Educational Building built of log construction.  As such, we are "The Log Church in Cherry Log."

Our Vision

We are a small church with big visions.  Our desire is to be an authentic Church that is true to our Lord and His word.  Our ministries to each other are vital for Christian growth.  Our mission in the Community is to serve the spiritual and pratical needs of the people.

Our Prayer for this Week

“At daybreak Jesus went out to a solitary place.”   Luke 4:42.


“Lord Jesus, after a Sabbath Day’s ministry of teaching and healing, you had to be refreshed in spirit and body.  We admire how you often sought to be alone with the Father in prayer.  As a human being, like us, you would give out so much and then you had to take in a renewed strength.  As God, you could give people a healing touch in their bodies, minds, and spirits. 


Our strength has to be renewed day by day.  We live such busy lives and there are many demands on our time.  We need to go apart from time to time unless we come apart.  We praise you for the refreshing blessings that come when we bow in your presence.  We are renewed in strength and courage.  Our minds are cleared and focused.


You make us adequate to face our responsibilities.


May this pause for a time of meditation give this person what is needed for today.  Surround this one with your divine favor and grace.  We are blessed to call ourselves by your name – Christians!  Amen.



The Nominating Committee is beginning their work staffing our various Ministry Teams for the church year beginning September 1.  They are: Helen Haner, Greg Gamble, John Call, Bill March, and Frank Bowyer.  We would like for every member to have a place of responsibility so if you would like to serve the Lord through the church next year just speak to one of the committee.

The Budget Committee is also beginning their work.  They are Kathy Teat, David Peers, Jewell Maddox, Shirley Crouch, Frank Bowyer and Bill March.  If you are responsible for a budget allocation, this is the time to let them know the amount you want in your budget for the coming year.  You will notice that our two Deacons in Training are on both committees.  David Peers is an ex-officio member because of his position as Chairman of Deacons. This is part of their preparation to serve as Deacons.  It is important that a deacon understand all facets of church life.


            5:00 Grief Share group

            6:00 Youth snack and bible Study

                    Divorce Care group

            6:15 Adult Bible Study for July 23rd is “Regeneration” and for July 30th is       

                    “Justification” in the UNDERSTANDING OUR FAITH series.


A pastor, Rev. Sidney Laing of Dublin, Ireland got tired of the same old excuses from people who don’t attend church and wrote in his newsletter a parody on “Why I Don’t Use Soap.”  His reasons were:  I was made to wash as a Child; People who wash are hypocrites.  They feel themselves to be cleaner than other people; There are so many different kinds of soap; I used to wash, but it got boring, so I stopped; I still wash on special occasions like Christmas and Easter; None of my friends wash; I am still young.  When I am older and have got a bit dirtier I might start washing; I really don’t have time; People who make soap are only after your money.

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Meet Dr. Paul Mims

Our Membership

We have about 220 members made up of people who grew up here, or moved to this Cabin Community from Atlanta, Florida, and other places.  We have a good mixture of ages so that we can minister to the whole family.