Schedule of Services

Sunday Morning
9:45 a.m. Sunday School
11:00 a.m. Worship

Wednesday Evenings

5:30 - Supper
6:00 - AWANA
6:00 - Prayer and Bible Study

Other Events
Women's Bible Study
Men's Prayer Breakfast
Marriage Seminar
Vacation Bible School

Our Location

Cornerstone Baptist Church is 20 years old and is located in the Cherry Log section of Gilmer County.  We are at 1044 Cherry Log Street just one half mile off of 515.  We have a beautiful Sanctuary and Educational Building built of log construction.  As such, we are "The Log Church in Cherry Log."

Our Vision

We are a small church with big visions.  Our desire is to be an authentic Church that is true to our Lord and His word.  Our ministries to each other are vital for Christian growth.  Our mission in the Community is to serve the spiritual and pratical needs of the people.


Excerpts from HEARING GOD THROUGH SCRIPTURE by Priscilla Shirer

When Jesus paid for our sin, He stripped away our barriers to God. Suddenly the Holy Spirit could actually occupy a human spirit because the holiness of God had wiped away the sin of His child. The following principles have a conversation with God that challenged my entire ministry. It took me two years to complete the Gospel of John as I carefully looked into one or two verses each day. Try using these five steps to hearing God through Scripture.

Position yourself to hear from God.
Find a spot where you can be alone… And expect God to speak to you.  Don’t be afraid of the silence. It is in the stillness that we get to know God best. Psalm 46:10. Expect God to speak to you.

Pour over the passage and paraphrase the major point.
Put yourself in the Scripture and see yourself in the story. Stay in the passage and let the Holy Spirit speak to you.

Pull out the spiritual principles.
Spiritualize the major points of the verse. What is God teaching? What is he revealing about himself?

Pose the question.
Ask yourself does my life coincide with the message of this verse? Is anything in my life contradicting this passage? What do I need to do to bring my life in line? How does this apply to me right now?

Plan obedience and pin down a date.
If obedience requires you to do something specific such as apologize to someone, record a date and time you will follow through. The refreshment that you will find in spending time with God’s word will change your life forever.


           LADIES TEA  May 9th

           MOTHER’S DAY May 10th

          FATHER’S DAY June 21st

          20th ANNIVERSARY OF CORNERSTONE  June28th


Urgent Ministry needs:  Making copies, setting up the computer slides, or changing diapers are some behind the scenes responsibilities in our church. These opportunities are not the most exciting, but the ministry is important so that the worship service can go smoothly.  God has given some of you a unique ability to work behind the scenes. Please pray about some of these opportunities that are urgently needed, then let Bonnie Bost or Pastor Paul know of your willingness to serve.


1. We need a weekly volunteer (or two to rotate) to set up the slides for each Sunday. This will take a lot of responsibility off Darryl and Jacob as they are trying to run the sound.


2. We need a person willing to be trained to run the sound system. Darryl needs to leave this position soon, so our need is urgent. We need someone who is dependable and can be here on Wednesdays and Sundays. Hopefully this can be a rotating position.


3. The nursery needs more people to volunteer to keep babies during Sunday School and the service so that parents can listen and participate in the choir.



Budget Requirements                      $   82,610.54

General Fund YTD                         $  105,679.00

Designated Funds YTD                   $    20,210.00

Total Receipts YTD                         $   125,889.00


                              Sunday’s Offering:  $ 1,541.00

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Our Membership

We have about 220 members made up of people who grew up here, or moved to this Cabin Community from Atlanta, Florida, and other places.  We have a good mixture of ages so that we can minister to the whole family.